1. About this blog

This blog has taken almost a year to write and is a collection of my reflections after an unwelcome and unexpected diagnosis.   In August 2017 I was informed that I had breast cancer and I so I became the Impatient Patient.

“Impatient” as I was far too busy living and enjoying life –  being a wife to Nick, mum to three grown up children, daughter, friend, coach and an Assistant Vice Principal who taught Geography at an inner city school in Plymouth, Devon.

“Patient” as once diagnosed one becomes part of the hospital system.  Breast cancer was not on my agenda as I was healthy, ate well, drank in moderation and exercised – I’d breastfed my babies.  Surely this was some sort of mistake and it was one I certainly did not have time for –  unfortunately not and so I became the Impatient Patient (and I haven’t managed to shake her off yet).  So this is my story from diagnosis, through treatment to the new me.